About us

LYKNO Tourism and Congress is an incoming tour operator which was established in 1979 in Heraklion, Crete and since then has provided a great variety of travel services to clients from all over the globe. Located in the heart of Crete, which is one of the most famous and developed travel destinations of Greece and Europe, LYKNO has emerged in one of the most successful medium-sized tour operators in Crete and continues to expand and grow.

Specialising as an incoming tour operator for over 30 years as a destination management company (D.M.C.), LYKNO offers you the best assistance based on a dynamic team of tourism experts and its professional experience. During these years, LYKNO has become one of the best-established travel agencies of Crete, putting at the service of its associates all the professional know-how and experience. Our guarantee is the provision of efficient and reliable service, reasonable prices, flexibility and last but not least the satisfaction of your most exquisite needs.


LYKNO is a member of the Hellenic Association of Travel and Tourist Agencies (HATTA) and the Cretan Association of Travel Agents (CATTA).Additionally it operates with a category A license (Reg. Nr 1039E60610)

Throughout the years of our operation we have cooperated with numerous tour operators from all over the wolrd. Below we proudly present some of our current partners:

FRANCE:  GMT VoyagesBertolami VoyagesArista Voyages


SCOTLAND: The travel company Edinburgh

SWEDEN: Springtime Travel

NORWAY: Carpe Diem

LATVIA: Travel Plus

SWITZERLAND: Kloeti Travel


ATHENS: Alma HellenicGrecitour, Athens Silkroad, The Athens Centre

GERMANY:  Enzian ReisenIkarus ReisenTour Concept , Pfeiffer Reisen

USA: Ariadne institute

UK: NaturetrekThe travelling naturalists

BELGIUM: Ecoles et Voyages, C.T.T.

SLOVENIA: Sajko Tourism

POLAND : AVE Turystyka


ITALY: Dirotta da Noi,  I Viaggi dell’ Arcobaleno

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